Explorative learning in virtual worlds is more fun, read some of our articles below to understand why.

Social learning in a 3D virtual world
The ideas behind the teaching style used in this social learning
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Teaching programming in a virtual world
Reading and writing is a general skill that makes you more
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What makes our 3D world a quality learning tool?
What makes our 3D world a quality learning tool? Despite all
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Teaching styles
Future workshop method The future workshop method teaches students basic knowledge
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Adaptive Learning System
  Adaptive Learning system The current adaptive learning system is implemented as a
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Our ongoing activities

The Oligo Desktop gives you quick access to any 3D material that we find online, which is free for educational purposes, so when you click My Oligo Academy you will only see free content.

The My Dashboard gives the teacher a control panel to follow and write students in the virtual world, without having to join them in the virtual world. Teachers use the Dashboard to load different virtual worlds in the regions, that they host on their own laptop in a Docker virtual machine running OpenSimulator. The students must be on the same network as the teacher, but then there is not hosting cost at all.


Current products
  • Running free virtual world education on your school
    Oligo Desktop can run Oligo Academy image with OpenSimulator on Mac or Windows with Docker Desktop. Tray icon for Mac and Windows makes it easy to start and stop a local OpenSimulator server on the teachers laptop and a login dialog  for the FireStorm viewer helps students connect to the OpenSimulator on the teachers laptop.
  • Building a virtual world as an international school project
    Docker image can be installed on the schools server and used to collaborate with other schools. The My Dashbaord app is made for standalone OpenSimulator servers, but must functionality will work on an OpenSimulator in grid mode, except creating users and groups, which must be done on the command line.
  • My Dashboard teacher control panel for managing virtual worlds
    Dashboard as a progressive web app to easy manage virtual worlds and users, without using the command line console, but the logging and searching for learning outcome is not fully implemented yet.



Product roadmap
  • Test group dynamics and how virtual worlds help students with autism to better connect with their group
    The example 3D learning module ENERGY MATTERS worked beyond our expectations in engaging even the most restless students, but we did not get around to testing group dynamics and how the learning module helps students with social barriers for learning like students with autism.
  • Video material for building your own virtual worlds
    The Oligo Desktop allows for easy upload and download of inventory archives with objects for designing your own 3D worlds, but there should be some videos that explain how.
  • Display student learning outcome in teachers My Dashboard
    Finish the My Dashboard  to allow teachers visually see student learning outcome, because right now learning outcome is just logged in the experience API (xAPI or former Tin Can) and the teacher can only make custom searches.
  • Use for 3D learning experiences in international school projects
    Integrate dashboard with, for international school projects this could be a way to invite students to a 3D learning experience.