If your school wants to have a safe social platform for international school collaboration, you can easily install the Oligo Academy tools on your schools OpenSimulator servers as described under performance article. This will give you a private grid where students can:


  • meet online in a virtual world and build 3D designs in a cooperative learning style
  • research and build their own 3D learning modules in challenge based learning style
  • communicate in chat using any language you want students to practice reading and writing
  • discuss learning outcome and facilitate critical thinking in a blended learning style


The Oligo Academy tools gives teachers the My Dashboard to create virtual learning spaces called regions and they can create students and groups to work in these regions. Teachers can from the Dashboard write to students or kick all students out from the region, if their attention should return to the classroom.

For international school project the schools IT department creates the usernames and passwords required to login to the OpenSimulator grid.