My Oligo Academy

  1. My Oligo Academy page shows your IP address, so if you started an OpenSimulator server on your laptop, students can now connect to this IP address. The teacher or tech savvy student, who started OpenSimulator on their laptop, must the first time create usernames and passwords for students in My Dashboard under Groups, were you will find User accounts.
  2. If more schools share an OpenSimulator in grid mode for an international school project, then the IT department that hosts the OpenSimulator server creates the usernames and passwords up front.
  3. OpenSimulator can run in grid mode with hypergrid enabled, which allow students to travel to other grids with their home asset and inventory services.




How to get free 3D models for OpenSimulator

On this page we only share free content for building your own virtual worlds. Most of the current content here was made by Linda Kelly and released as public domain OpenSim resources on Zadaroo, were you can find more detailed descriptions. The content mirrored here is packaged or converted to be ready for loading in My Dashboard in Oligo Desktop trayicon, so you can start designing your virtual world right away. Another source of free virtual world regions is the US Military OpenSimulator Enterprise Strategy (MOSES) project, that uses virtual world software for training soldiers.

3D models market place and hosting services

There is also a lot of content for virtual worlds that can be bought at a very low price on Kitely market. We used T-spot design for our EnergyMatters learning module, that tested learning outcome and how to build a good 3D learning module. Many companies provide OpenSimulator hosting services, including, and others. If you want to work on an international school project using OpenSimulator in the cloud, think of how many students will be online at the same time and read some articles like this Hypergrid Business article on grid options.

Oligo Academy tools like the teachers My Dashboard for managing your OpenSimulator by loading or saving entire region archive files or following students activity in the virtual world, is only available on your local network. The Oligo Desktop trayicon for students to upload and download inventory archive files is also only available on your local network. If you want to use these tools in an international school project, you must install your own OpenSimulator server  as described in this article.

Free OpenSimulator Archive files (OAR)


Free OpenSimulator Inventory Archive files (IAR) in zip files