Heads Up Display

Welcome to the Oligo Academy HUD.
This inworld assistant contains basic information that helps you get the most out of your learning modules.


Navigation your avatar should be possible both with up, left, down and right arrow keys or the keys WASD. You should configure FireStorm viewer to always use WASD keys for navigation to avoid writing in chat, when you really want to navigate.



When running OpenSimulator standalone on your local laptop, you can access the Oligo Dashboard on http://localhost:9080
The Dashboard gives you an easy overview of your region map, who is online and the option to load or save your entire virtual world region to a file called an OpenSimulator Archive (.oar) files.

Chat commands

The chat window is how you communicate with team members and other people you meet in the virtual world. Just type your message and press enter to send the chat message to people near by.

The Oligo Academy learning modules extend OpenSimulator functionality with some addons that gives extra chat commands like:

In chat window type:

/9 show hud Show hud in viewer
/9 hide hud Hide hud in viewer
/9 on Start logging
/9 off Stop logging
/9 help message Ask for help with short message
/9 cancel help Cancel your request for help
/9 speed up Double avatar speed
/9 speed down Half avatar speed