Find answers to known issues

This software is i beta testing, please report any issues on the feedback page. We will then collect all issues and prioritize them for the next releases.


  • GateKeeper security blocks the Oligo Desktop trayicon app rom starting
    On Mac the OligoDesktopIntaller.dmg is sued to drag the trayicon app to your applications folder. Because the trayicon app is not installed from App store, Apple reports it as unknown developer and fails to install it. When asked to move the application to Trash, you select cancel and then go to System Preferences under Security & privacy and now you can choose to open the Oligo Desktop trayicon app.
    If your students find the above difficult, there is a scripts folder in the OligoDesktopInstaller.dmg that will disable GateKeeper for a second while installing the trayicon app, this is however not recommended for security reasons.
  • Python 2.7 is deprecated and Python 3 might not be first on path
    Applications that rely on Python must now install the proper Python version themselves. If you get a conflict where Python 2.7 continues to run when you simple type python in a Terminal, then there is a scripts for in the OligoDesktopInstaller.dmg, with a script to make an alias saying python always means python 3.


  • Docker Dekstop is not responding
    On Windows Docker sometimes has a problem starting the OpenSimulator, but if that happens just click the Docker desktop icon and select “Restart…” and wait 3 minutes, then you should be able to start the OpenSimulator using the Oligo Desktop icon.
  • Python installer failed to start
    We tested Oligo Desktop trayicon with Python 3.8 and the Oligo Desktop installer will try to install this version. We recommend that you choose the option “Add Python to path” during install. Sometimes the Python installer is not started correctly, because and old version of Python has not been properly uninstalled. Go to Add or Remove programs and uninstall old Python versions and then in file Explorer go to¬†%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Python and delete any folders left over. Now you have a cleanup sheet and can run the latest Python installer with option “Add Python to path”.
  • Python wx module was not properly installed
    The Oligo Desktop trayicon needs to install the wxPython and requests modules. If your Oligo Desktop installer failed, because Python was not properly installed, then the Python modules have not be installed either. Make sure Python is installed with option “Add Python to path” and the rerun the Oligo Desktop installer.