Our history


Updated articles on how to install Oligo Academy tools and OpenSimulator in grid mode for better performance. Tested with latest OpenSimulator, Python, Docker Desktop and MariaDB. Moved Oligo Academy tools to GitHub repository. Added article with architecture proprosal for Ladybird web based viewer.


Updated articles on this blog.


Docker image for Mac and Windows to run local OpenSimulator on student and teachers laptap to remove hosting costs.


Tray icon for task bar on Mac and Windows to make it easy to start and stop OpenSimulator and login with FireStorm viewer.


Develop tools for teaching LSL script programming in a virtual world.


Second workshop was also with a 5th and 6th grade, but this time the focus was on modeling ones ideas, by building in the virtual world together.


First workshop was held with primary school in the city of Kolding in Denmark, where we tested the teacher facilitation guide, teacher control panel for the virtual world and how students in 5th and 6th grade reacted to the 3D learning material about sustainable energy. To build the 3D learning material called EnergyMatters both Vivian and Dennie had some very busy months.


Education consultant Carina from Chancepartout and education consultant Christian from InnoYouth joined the team to help develop the project theme, the teacher facilitation guides and connect to schools in Denmark.


The idea about how virtual worlds can help students with social learning challenges was stated by our designer Vivian. Our architect Nikolaj investigated options for creating a virtual world with open network sociaties for distributing 3D educational material, that is fun and would get the students attention.


We are a project organisation and work together with many people, some are consultants others are volunteers, that just want to see this project succeed, so children in primary and secondary schools all over the world can benefit.

our work team

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