Our main goal for using virtual worlds in education is to increase the students’ motivation for learning by making it fun.



Teaching programming in a virtual world
Reading and writing is a general skill that makes you more
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What makes our 3D world a quality learning tool?
What makes our 3D world a quality learning tool? Despite all
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Teaching styles
In 3D the students play a role (an avatar) in the virtual
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Adaptive Learning System
  Adaptive Learning system The current adaptive learning system is implemented as a
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Heads Up Display
Heads Up Display The students can use the Heads Up Display (HUD)
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CREATE 3D ENERGY IN THE CLASSROOM!   We are currently working
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Our ongoing activities


Current products
  • Teacher control panel that allow teachers to be able to control, who can log in to the virtual world, and also log all chat.
  • Students Heads Up Display for inworld assistance were students can help each other
  • On demand hosting services
  • 3D model render server
  • USB stick with builders collection of tools and models


Product roadmap
  • Develop indexing of chat log files to allow teachers to search in student dialogs
  • Develop folder, document, task and polls for managing student activities
  • Develop adaptive learning system that suggests tasks and learning material for students
  • Integrate teacher control panel with