Learning in immersive virtual worlds makes exploring new knowledge fun


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Teaching programming in a virtual world
Reading and writing is a general skill that makes you more
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What makes our 3D world a quality learning tool?
What makes our 3D world a quality learning tool? Despite all
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Teaching styles
Future workshop method The future workshop method teaches students basic knowledge
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Adaptive Learning System
  Adaptive Learning system The current adaptive learning system is implemented as a
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Heads Up Display
Heads Up Display The students can use the Heads Up Display (HUD)
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Our ongoing activities


Current products
  • Docker image for running Oligo Academy Builders Collection with local OpenSimulator on Mac or Windows
  • Docker image for school server used to collaborate with other schools
  • Tray icon on task bar for Mac and Windows that makes it easy to start and stop a local OpenSimulator server or FireStorm viewer.
  • Dashboard as a progressive web app (PWA) to easy manage virtual worlds and users, without using the command line console. This app is currently being developed and will be ready soon.


Product roadmap
  • Finish the new Dashboard  as a progressive web app (PWA) that allow teachers to load and save region content,  control who can log in to the virtual world, create groups, write chat to all students, etc.
  • Develop indexing of chat log files to allow teachers to search in student dialogs
  • Integrate dashboard with