USB stick with builders collection

You can order this USB stick by writing a request under the contact form.
They cost 90,- DKK for each 8GB USB stick.


This tool only runs on a PC with 4GB memory and Windows 7, 8, or 10. If there are updates, then the program OligoABC.exe will ask, if you want to update the USB-stick, once you close the program.



License terms

(C) 2016 Olio ApS

Copying the content of this USB is not allowed unless written accept from Olio ApS is given.
Please write to, if in doubt about license terms.


Free software and 3D models

The software on this USB stick under the install folder is public domain and not owned by Olio ApS.
It can be found on the internet and freely downloaded, please go to the website of the software
in question to find updated license terms.


Free for education and private usage

The 3D models in the virtual world shop on this USB stick are copyright by Vivian Haugaard Laursen,
who has made them available for education and private purposes only. Any 3D models used commercially
would need to first buy a license for the 3D models by writing to


Make your own USB stick

You can download all the tools you need from the internet, using the following sites:


We have packaged and installed everything you need on a 8GB USB stick, were you can run the tools you need to build 3D models, without hosting a shared server. You need one USB stick per student and what you pay us for is shipping and handling, the actual USB stick and some extra free 3D models.

But if you have the time and patience to find the solution yourself on the links above you will have all you need as well.