If you plan working with co-operative learning or co-operative teaching, you need a server to host your virtual world. The normal viewers support chat, but voice can be enabled. Chat is the prefered means of communication because it teaches reading and writing skills and can be logged to ensure a safe learning environment.

Instead of hosting a server for many months you can book access to a shared server for one or more days, allowing many schools to share the costs of hosting virtual worlds for education. By planning ahead you can get affordable on demand hosting with good tools for teachers and students to control the virtual worlds.


Working in a private learning space

If you plan working with 3D design your students can use an OpenSimulator on an USB stick, to build a model of any design they made. If your community center or school has a 3D printer, then the students can print their models, or there are payed online services for this.

To help students we have packaged many free 3D models on the USB stick and many more free models can be found online. If the free models are not in the correct format, try our online 3D model render server.