Oligo Academy Builders Collection

Installation guide

The Oligo Academy learning modules include videos that allow the students to learn in their own speed and without any technical help from the teacher. The teaching style used is flipped learning were students explore the virtual world in groups or watch videos and then the teacher facilitates group discussions on the class about what the students have learned. The teachers role is to facilitate group discussions, to help students think critical about what they have learned.


The 3D design and developer software listed below are all free open source community versions of professional software normally used by designers and developers for mobile apps, 3D models, machine learning, 3D learning simulations and more.

The Oligo Academy Builders Collection (OligoABC) is a set of self study videos for teaching basic 3D design and programming skills to young people age 13 or above. Oligo ABC focuses on design and problem analysis, but also gives an introduction to real world programming tools. The Oligo ABC learning material and OpenSimulator tools are distributed under a commercial license, were the school pays a monthly free for a class of students or the entire school.

Learning outcome

These learning materials make it possible for students to make a project of their own with 3D designs and scripted actions, but at the same time teaches the design and problem analysis. Some general programming skills that can be used in any programming language are introduced, if students want to design their own mobile apps. Teachers can also use one of the existing 3D learning modules developed by the Oligo Academy team to teach different study subjects like sustainable energy or climate change in an immersive virtual world.

Automatic installer

Mac installer

Windows installer

Manual installation

Follow the installation guide for Mac or Windows depending on your system. If you only want to use the learning modules available step 1 is all you need, but if you want to learn 3D design or coding please install step 2 and 3, that will make it easier for your students to learn the basics of 3D design and coding in different programming languages.

Mac installation
1. FireStorm viewer and OpenSimulator

2. 3D design tools

3. Coding tools

Windows installation
1. FireStorm viewer and OpenSimulator

2. 3D design tools

3. Coding tools


The Oligo Academy learning tools are supported on both Mac and Windows laptops, but not on iPads and tablets without a full Windows system. The FireStorm viewer used in Oligo Academy can run on tablets using a payed service like https://brightcanopy.com/#screenshots, but it is not supported by the Oligo Academy team.