Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How to make teaching in a virtual world easier?
  • Make sure to install the same tools for all students to make teaching easier.
  • The Singularity viewer is required, but Flash is only required for watching videos.
  • The Chrome browser is not a requirement, but it just makes teaching more simple if all students use the same browser, so the teacher doesn’t have to spend time on it.
  • The optional tools like FireStorm viewer is for students that want to learn to build in the virtual world together with other students.
  • Students who want to build 3D models with free professional tools can try Sketchup, Blender or Unity3D, but they are harder to learn and not required for most 3D projects.
How to install viewer on Windows (64 bit)

Required tools

Optional tools


How to install viewer on Windows (32 bit)

Required tools

Optional tools


How to install viewer on Mac (64 bit)

Required tools

Optional tools


What is the teacher facilitation guide

When you start using virtual worlds in education, it is similar to using flipped learning were students watch videos and you later work with the students in class.


In virtual worlds co-operative learning and individual learning paths are possible, which requires the teacher to think about facilitation and the teaching style they use to work with students in class afterwards. If you need help with the teaching style to use in relation to education in virtual worlds, please contact our education consultant (see Contact us).


How to book virtual world hosting

We have created an example virtual world called Energy Matters, that you can book to teach students about fossil fuels and sustainable energy.


Oligo Academy extends OpenSimulator with a shared region module called AdaptiveLearningSystem, which gives you a teacher control panel and a students heads up display in the virtual world, that will help student to student learning and allow the teacher to have an overview of student activities.


  • Oligo Academy is a subscription service were you can book access to one or more regions, that you can use for a short or longer period of time. The teacher can load educational material they want to have students explore and save a backup of students work.
  • The idea is to make the cost and time spend on using virtual worlds in education as low as possible, by sharing the cost with other schools. Working with other schools is easier when using a shared service.
  • Limitation of service: Oligo Academy does not maintain backups of any educational material or student work, but only provides a service for teachers to run the 3D educational material for a period of time, without having to involve their IT department.
  • Teachers can find free public domain virtual worlds they can load in Oligo Academy or book a virtual world region to have students build a setting for roleplaying, that the teacher can then save to an OpenSimulator Archive file (OAR).
  • Limitation of service: Oligo Academy does not backup students Inventory, but students can import 3D objects into their Inventory and use the standard viewers to export a local copy of their work.
  • Students can find free 3D models online if they want to build their own virtual worlds. To make this easier we provide a 3D model render server, that can export to Collada format for building or STL for 3D print.


What does experimental alfa-software and disclaimer of service mean

This service is based on free experimental alfa-software and therefore the service level agreement reflects this.


The OpenSimulator software is however mature software that has been around for many years and is installed on many servers and used professionally for training US military (MOSES). The Oligo Academy shared region module called AdaptiveLearningSystem used by the teacher control panel and student heads up display, is also still alfa-software.


How is student safety handled

Students use a login with a unique Firstname and no Lastname (meaning the default Resident is used). For example Danish students use their Uni-login and a password given to them by their teacher. Only teachers can reset their students password, if the students forget it.


Students are not registrered with any identifying information like e-mail and the Firstname they use to login will be something like eska1254, which can not be used to identify the student.


Therefore all contact to students will go through their teacher, so if a student does not behave properly towards another student, then the Oligo Academy support team can choose to disable that students login and contact the students teacher, to ask them have a talk with the student about proper behavior.


Can I install my own local server to host virtual worlds for education

Their are many OpenSimulator hosting providers that can host virtual worlds, which you can read more about on HybergridBusiness, but they normally dont support addons like shared region modules.

If you want to run your own local server due to low internet bandwidth or because you dont want to share the hosting with other schools, then please write to Oligo Academy support for assistance on setting up the shared region module, that will give you the Oligo Academy teacher and students tools.


How to resolve issues, if I have problems 

Look at the virtual world viewers home page for detailed support information, like how to play media on a prim using Flash Player for Firefox for watching YouTube videos in the virtual world. QuickTime is no longer recommended for Windows, because Apple is not maintaining security patches for it.


The OpenSimulator website explains how to setup your own virtual world server if you need to have a local installation, because of low network bandwidth. We use the Diva Distro that can be downloaded from Metaverse Ink website, because it’s easy to setup.


We will publish videos on our YouTube channel that help students use the virtual worlds and building in the virtual world viewers and related tools.

For Energy Matters demo region you can find an English to Danish dictionary.


Can I create shortcuts to avoid logging in each time

To save time in the class room have all students create a shortcut to the Singularity or FireStorm viewer on their desktop using the below command line arguments:


–login Firstname Lastname Password

–url secondlife://

Remember to replace Firstname, Lastname and Password with each students login credentials. By doing this the first time you save time on students forgetting their login and passwords.

Below is an example of a shortcut for Windows 64 bit:

“C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Releasex64\Firestorm-bin.exe” –loginuri –login Master Avatar MySecretPassword –url secondlife://